Seals from USA, Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria in Sea Breeze

A large-scale exercise Sea Breeze – 2021, in which the crew of the Bulgarian corvette Bodri and a team for naval special operations of the Navy participate, is being held near Varna.

The crew participates in repelling the attacks of a fast-moving boat, tactical maneuvering, receiving / transmitting light cargo and mail in a traverse manner, navigation control and communication exercises.

Sea Breeze – 2021 also includes a team for naval special operations, a boat crew and a security group from the Naval Special Intelligence Squad.

Senior of the personnel is Captain-Lieutenant Georgi Yanev.

As part of the exercise, the troops act as part of an international naval tactical group for special operations, which is integrated into the naval component of the exercise.

The group includes teams for naval special operations from Ukraine, the United States and Poland.

Planned actions include shootings, landing operations, small space tactics, reconnaissance and raid operations in the coastal zone, and boarding operations.

Today, landing operations were performed using the Fast Rope method from aboard the V-22 Osprey convertible.





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