How to help your cat in the summer heat

After several weeks the temperature does not fall below 30 in many places, life is difficult not only for people. Our pets also experience great discomfort in the heat, especially those with richer hair. Cats, like humans, can be quite affected by hot weather. They are prone to heat stroke and their skin can be sunburned. Experts from the London animal shelter Buttersey talked about how you can help your cats cope with the hot weather. Their tips will help your pet to go through the summer days completely safely and as easily as possible. If you suspect sunstroke, they recommend that you seek help from a veterinarian immediately and do not delay.

 Give them a place in the shade

The cat should always be able to hide in the shade. This applies not only to animals that walk in the garden or are homeless. Experts advise to make sure that the pet has a place to hide from the sun and in the apartment.

Let them have access to fresh water

Like humans, cats need to drink plenty of water in hot weather. The water should be fresh and cool, but not cold. In hot weather, the cat needs to change the water much more often than in winter. Microclimate in the house Cats tolerate the heat in stuffy rooms as badly as their owners. It is worth regularly cooling the apartment using a fan or air conditioner. It is advisable to put nets on the windows – so the pet will not be in danger of jumping out of the open window.

Small enclosed spaces

In the villa you need to make sure that the cat does not hide in cramped, very hot rooms. It can enter a greenhouse or shed, or even hide in the car. Under such conditions, a pet can get a dangerous heat stroke. Protective cream

Cats that spend a lot of time outdoors can easily get skin burns. Animals with light fur and pure white specimens suffer particularly from this. Experts advise using a special sunscreen. It is applied mainly on the nose and ears of the cat. The products intended for humans are not suitable for cats, so it is better to seek advice from a veterinarian, warn acquaintances. It is best to choose a cream that does not contain zinc oxide.






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