Amazon will pay a bonus for newly vaccinated employees

Amazon will give $ 100 in return to its new employees, who will prove that they have vaccinated the Sov-19. The world’s largest e-commerce retailer is increasing the number of employees who plan to hire 75,000 new employees in the United States alone.

The number of initially hired employees in restaurants, factories and shops in Europe and America is increasing more and more, because more and more people. The number of candidates for the job, who are not from home, is increasing, according to the latest observations on the market in the USA and the EC.

Let’s go to Amazon. The company announced that it would pay its new employees an initial initial salary of over $ 17 per hour. Together with the same amount of vaccine, the technology giant will pay up to $ 1,000 in initial bonuses to its new employees.

The e-trader is seriously increasing its profits during the pandemic due to the huge increase in online sales. Amazon’s chief executive officer Jeff Bezoz added more than $ 70 billion to its net worth in 2020, up from $ 18 million today.

While the physical business is expected to rise, the levels of the electoral market remain high and stable, and this is unlikely to change.





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