A “versatile” Australian Shepherd dog sold for a record price

A working dog can stimulate the herd instinct of the cattle he keeps and make him do what he needs to do quite calmly.

A “calm” Australian Cattle Dog was sold at a record $ 27,068 (£ 19,228) at auction, the BBC reported.

The buyer, who is a shepherd and cattle breeder, wished to remain anonymous.

The Yuluka Hoover dog is two years old and “versatile”. His trainer, David Lee, said he instinctively knew how to handle receiving and was very animal-friendly.

“It can stimulate their herd instinct and make them do what they have to do in complete peace. It’s innate to him, “he explained. The dog is trained to look after not only sheep but also cattle.

The previous highest price for a dog’s work was paid to a UK border guard last year – £ 18,900.

Australian Cattle Dog is a typical Australian Shepherd dog. They are cultvated there from the 19th century.





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