A device that locks the mouth and helps to lose weight has been invented

It allows the jaw to open by only 2 mm.

New Zealand inventors have created a device that keeps the mouth almost completely closed with magnets attached to the teeth to accept the user using a minimum amount of liquid food, AFP reported.

The device is installed for the molars by a dentist. With it a person can open his jaws only 2 mm. In this way, the user can talk and breathe calmly, but not eat abundantly, explained Paul Branton of the University of Otago.

“This solution is non-invasive, reversible and cost-effective,” he said. “It’s attractive compared to surgery. There are no adverse effects. Our inventions will help fight the global obesity epidemic,” said the team behind the project.

Seven women who tried the device for two weeks lost an average of 6.36 kg. At first it seemed uncomfortable, but then it became bearable, as they define it.

There is a way to release the jaws in seconds in case of panic or vomiting. The women who tried it did not resort to it. One of the women in the experiment admitted that she managed to deceive the bite control device by eating melted chocolate.





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