Denmark has build an innovative climate center “Climatorium”

It is a modern center for climate research. The Climatorium is a joint project of architects 3XN and SLA, whose design is based on Lemwig’s historic boat buildings set in the beautiful natural landscape of Lymfjord.

Climatorium offers an innovative and creative mini-center for storm surge, water, and climate research. Its outdoor public facilities and outdoor recreational facilities also offer innovative opportunities to experience, experience, and use the unique natural surroundings of Lemvig and Lymfjord.

The basic architectural concept of “Climatorium” is pragmatic, its materials were made of wood, concrete, and steel. The symbol of the building is a wooden “wave” that rises above the main entrance and makes the building an easily recognizable landmark. This motif is inspired by the characteristic Lemwig fishing boats and is a tribute to the region’s cultural history and local building customs.

Inside the Climatorium, there are office spaces, conference rooms, common areas, as well as a public café and exhibition area that focus on creating social synergy by encouraging building users to engage in various types of interaction, meeting, and collaboration.

The Climatorium showcases the development of the port of Lemvig from a commercial port to one of the most impressive ports in Denmark. The key to this is the landscape and nature design of the project: the green climate corridor. The climate corridor is partly an “exhibition landscape” for Climatorium users, and partly a public green urban space with a pleasant microclimate and a variety of outdoor urban life options for everyone.

Minimalist design as a response to climate challenges

The basic architectural concept of climatoria is pragmatic. Its main materials are wood, concrete, and steel.

A key design element was the creation of an attractive building with clear references to its function and location in the port. Wood wave tiled gives the building a strong identity. The wave can be used as a comfortable place for discussion and relaxation.



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