Politician from Northern Macedonia: Bulgaria’s clear and unequivocal “no” was natural

Instead of conducting a fraternal dialogue, we sought support and someone to “press” the older brother to let us into the EU, added Petar Kolev

“Bulgaria’s clear and unequivocal “no” to Northern Macedonia was a natural end to this stage of our relationship, because there are three key things that have happened” stated on June 25, 2021 in the studio of “Tazi Sutrin” on bTV by the chairman of the Civil Democratic Union in Northern Macedonia Petar Kolev. “First, our government overslept the Bulgarian framework and did not take the necessary diplomatic steps to try to find a direct solution with Sofia. Instead of seeking dialogue with the institutions and leaders in Bulgaria, our government decided that it should “This conversation with the leaders in Washington, Brussels and Berlin. Third, Zaev finally remembered Rumen Radev’s mandate that there is a presidential institution in Bulgaria. This is an extremely insincere attitude,” he added.

According to him, for the first time the Bulgarian side has emphasized an extremely important issue, namely the non-fulfillment of the Copenhagen criteria in the direction of human rights and discrimination against people in the Republic of Northern Macedonia who self-identify as Bulgarians.

“Instead of looking for a fraternal and sincere dialogue, as close relatives trying to find a solution, we tried to seek support and someone to ‘push’ the older brother to let us into the EU. This is not fair.” Kolev thinks.

He explained that more than 89% of the citizens of Northern Macedonia are in favor of NATO and EU membership.

Zaev: We don’t need the EU if someone wants us to negotiate the Macedonian language and identity!

Negotiations have not yet begun due to the internal situation in Bulgaria, which lacks a political government and a constituted parliament, he said.

Neither this government nor any other has the right to talk about the Macedonian language and Macedonian identity. This was emphasized by the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Zoran Zaev on June 25, 2021 at a parliamentary session, at which parliamentary questions were asked, reports Nezavisen Vesnik.

“We do not need the European Union if someone wants to negotiate the Macedonian language and the Macedonian identity. Because we will be depersonalized. There is no one to join the EU, because the majority of the people in the country are Macedonians,” Zaev said.

He responded to MP Rashela Mizrahi of VMRO-DPMNE, who asked why there were no talks with the EU and asked the prime minister to read the proposal with which he left for Sofia, BTA added.

Zaev explained that the roadmap is being discussed with Bulgaria, such as the proposal for solving the problem, which lists all areas for cooperation, such as building infrastructure, opening border crossings, better cooperation between institutions.

“The second part, which we focus on in the roadmap, is the intensity of the meetings of the Commission on Historical and Educational Issues, without specifying what the Commission is talking about, because there are experts there. In a place where the Macedonian language is mentioned,” that these are two similar but different and internationally recognized languages, “Zaev stressed.

He added that negotiations with the EU have not yet begun due to the internal situation in Bulgaria, which does not have a political government and a constituted parliament. Zaev believes that talks with Bulgaria will continue in the coming period.



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