Milano Say No to Drugs volunteers work with City on international Day against drugs

WORLD DAY AGAINST DRUG ABUSE AND TRAFFICKING 2021. Say NO to drugs volunteers in Milan with the support of CityHall Bike service BIKEMI

The Say NO to Drugs volunteers in Milan brought the Truth about Drugs to Milan by bicycle thanks to the support of BIKEMI which offered the use of their bicycles free of charge, and thanks to the Church of Scientology who offered all the necessary booklets for the city to be distributed also free of charge.

To kick off the day, Councillor Gandolfi, who is very aware of the drug problem, thanked the volunteers for the important message they bring to the citicens today and signed the “I say no to drugs” roll of honour in support of the initiative.

The theme of this year’s UN World Drug Day, “Informing to Save Lives” is heavily supported by the Truth About Drugs programme, which is based on “correct information and education” on the subject so as to make people more responsible and able to take decisions their own decisions for their future.

The key point of the programme is a series of 13 well-documented booklets that, without using intimidation tactics, provide information on drugs. The series consists of a generic booklet providing an overview of the various types of drugs and a booklet for each of the most commonly used drugs.

The material also includes real-life facts to further understand what drugs really are and what their real effects are, both short and long term.

The simplicity and clarity with which they have been written makes them to be understandable by children of different ages, as well as very useful for parents, educators and anyone who cares.

Referring to the devastating impact of drugs on society, author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard had inspired this programme having reached by now millions of people, as well as through the widespread distribution of the 13 booklets, but also through the “educational programme which is offered free of charge to teachers and educators around the world.

There is still a lot of work to be done. 275 million people have used drugs in the last year and in this regard, today, the Church of Scientology of Milana today confirmed the allocation of additional funds to reprint as many materials as possible to continue to make them freely available free for everyone.



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