Vegan Skincare brand, WILDLIFE BODY Launches into the UK & EU Markets

WILDLIFE BODY makes its entrance into the jungle of skincare, with its message to ‘Be The Tiger’.

Founded in London, WILDLIFE BODY is a UK-made Vegan skincare brand that centres its message on inclusivity and empowerment of the community, while ensuring sustainability is present in all its products and packaging. Simply termed, it’s our Feel Great principle.

As part of this principle, WILDLIFE BODY looks to future collaborations with a careful selection of charities that focus their support on communities who experience inequality, exclusion or mental health issues. ‘Be The Tiger’ is a call to arms to every person who hears it to step forward and be a part of an empowered and inclusive society.

However, the principle goes further, as WILDLIFE BODY also works with suppliers who ensure Soil Association Certified Organic oils are present in all three Body Scrubs, as well as only using Rain Forest Alliance Certified Coffee is used in WAKE, the coffee-based scrub. This is crucial as it ensures our products also support biodiversity & the health of the Earth, as well as the more vulnerable individuals within the supply chain. 

Currently, WAKE is the only Coffee Body Scrub on the market to use Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee.

In addition, all of WILDLIFE BODY’s packaging is fully recyclable and the labels are made using Vegan inks, which are certified for compostability.

Now available in the UK & EU, are the three debut Body Scrubs, CLEANSE, REVIVE and WAKE. Hand-made in the UK, each scrub contains 100% natural ingredients, are Cruelty Free & have so far received a unanomious 5-star rating from Customers on Trustpilot.

Founder, Victoria Watkins, strongly believes that ‘Skincare is a necessity, not a luxury. Through WILDLIFE BODY I wanted to create clean simple skincare products that deliver optimum care without compromise, synthetic ingredients or wild price tags…The Beauty Industry has such potential to be an incredible force for good & social progression and so it’s only natural for WILDLIFE BODY to be at that forefront.’

This June, will be WILDLIFE BODY’s first Pride Month, and to celebrate will be donating 20% of sales to LGBTQIA+ causes.

RRP £18.99 per 200ml jar – available to buy at

Instagram: @Wildlife_Body

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