Top Performers Gather to Share Secrets to Success

The Successful Spirit

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The Successful Mind, Body, and Spirit series

We are all winners. With drive, determination, fucus, and balance, everyone can win!

We are all winners!

Thirty-three elite athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs from around the world gather to answer the question, what is the secret to winning?

Learning how to tap into your spirit and let it guide you—that is one of the greatest secrets to happiness on this journey called life.”
— Kirsten Jones, Peak Performance Coach

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 1, 2021 / — As the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics near, bestselling author Erik Seversen gathered top performers to help identify why one person makes it to the Olympics or totally flourishes in business while hundreds of other, equally smart and equally fit, people do not. In this timely book, The Successful Spirit, the peak-performer authors reveal the inner-drive that is important to go that extra step for extraordinary success.So, who exactly are the authors of The Successful Spirit? They are American Ninja Warriors, Olympic and Paralympic medal winners, professional athletes, sport and business coaches, Forbes council members, business owners, Mt. Everest summiters, and much more.

The amazing cast of contributing authors of this book include Jessie Adams, Richard Bowling, Veronica Carlson, Danny P. Creed, Dartanyon Crockett, Barbara Daoust, Brett Elena, Nathaniel Errez, Dr. Elena Estanol, Dr. Jen Faber, Jory Hingson Fisher, Fabian Florant, Mandi Freger, Susanne Grainger, Drs. Annemieke Griffin, Jeroen Keymolen, Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy, Tim Wayne Medvetz, Stephen Miller, Emmanuel K. Nartey, PhD, Tom Perrin, PhD, Emily Perrin, Theo Pickles, April Qureshi, Ahad Raza, Flemming Rontved, Stefan Due Schmidt, Scott Span, Jenny R. Susser, PhD, Kamille Rose Taylor, Gabrielle Thomas, Joey Wagman, and Kendrick Williams

The Successful Spirit rounds off the trilogy of books aimed to make people’s lives better. With preceding books, The Successful Mind and The Successful Body, this book, The Successful Spirit addresses the focus, drive, and determination needed for peak performance, but it also addressed mindfulness and the balance need to stay at the top. This book is really about strategies for people to live their best lives.

About The Successful Spirit book, peak performance coach Kirsten Jones says, “Learning how to tap into your spirit and let it guide you—that is one of the greatest secrets to happiness on this journey called life.”

In order to get this positive message out to as many people as possible, The Successful Spirit, published by Thin Leaf Press, will be available on Amazon for $0.99 during book launch, July 1 – 7, 2021.


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