The President of Serbia is on the verge of a hand-to-hand fight with an opposition leader

People’s Party Chairman Vuk Jeremic and three of its members, Miroslav Aleksic, Borislav Novakovic and Vladimir Gaic, appeared in the Serbian presidency 25.06. after President Aleksandar Vucic urged them “to go and try to lynch him” , that he will deal with all four on his own, writes the Serbian edition of En Jedan.

Jeremic claims the president appeared at the meeting visibly angry, accompanied by his bodyguards.

“He was shouting, cursing, insulting and threatening us. I invited him out, but he didn’t dare.

He called me a “thief,” and I replied in the calmest tone possible that he was a traitor. I asked him if he could repeat all this in front of the national television camera, but he said there was no need,” said the opposition leader.

According to the chairman of the People’s Party, he and his men appeared in the Serbian presidency only to ask Vucic if he found his behavior and similar “invitations” to something normal, with no real intention of a physical altercation with the Serbian president.

Vuk Jeremic later posted a photo of the meeting on his Twitter account.







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