Norway returned ancient coins to Bulgaria

The most valuable among them is from Thassos, dating from 525-463 BC.

Today, the Minister of Culture of Norway Rabid Raja handed over to the Bulgarian Ambassador Vera Shatilova 51 ancient Roman and one ancient Greek coin, exported illegally from our country. Among the artifacts returned to Bulgaria, the coin from Thassos, which dates from 525-463 BC, has a special value, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

At an official ceremony at the Oslo History Museum, Ambassador Shatilova thanked Minister Raja and the Norwegian institutions who worked to prevent illegal imports, for their excellent work, exceptional professionalism and contribution to the return of cultural values ​​to Bulgarian citizens.

She stressed that this event is an expression of good cooperation between the two countries, for which the protection of cultural heritage is a common priority.

Minister Raja expressed his satisfaction with the possibility of returning the valuable coins to Bulgaria and noted the key importance of preventive measures as a condition for preventing the trafficking of movable cultural heritage.

Cultural artifacts were also handed over to the embassies of Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Germany, the United States and Spain.






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