North Korea has no plans to have contacts with the United States

North Korea is not considering any contacts with the United States. This was stated by Foreign Minister Yi Song-guon, quoted by Reuters.

Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program has been a problem for Washington for years.

“We are not even considering the possibility of contact with the United States, let alone making one that would lead us nowhere, taking only valuable time,” I said in a statement issued by the Korean Central Telegraph Agency.

His statement came after the new US special envoy to North Korea said in Seoul on Monday that he looked forward to a “soon-to-be positive response” from Pyongyang for dialogue.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has been a problem for Washington for years, and to change that, President Joe Biden’s government has analyzed the policy pursued so far and said it would seek a “corrected and practical” approach to persuading Pyongyang to disarm. nuclear attitude.

Yesterday, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that the United States seemed to be misinterpreting signals coming from North Korea.

Kim Jong-un, a senior figure in the DPRK’s ruling Communist Party, responded in this way to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who said on Sunday that he considered Kim Jong-un’s recent speech on readiness an “interesting signal”. both for confrontation and for diplomacy with the United States.



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