Swiss humorous dialogues

Question: How to win from 1 franc?

Answer: Drill 4 holes and sell it as a button.

Question: Honey, what would your life be like without me?

Answer: Cheaper, darling, much cheaper.

Question: What is the favorite fairy tale of all generations of Swiss?

Answer: The one for the return of income tax from the state.

Question: How is a poor Swiss farmer recognized as poor?

Answer: The poor one washes his Mercedes himself.

Question: What does it take to become a Swiss farmer?

Answer: It only takes 3 months. You spend the first month in Bern looking for government subsidies. You spend the second month in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, begging to receive the subsidy. Finally you go to Germany for a month to order a Mercedes.

Question: What are the conditions for the most successful marriage?

Answer: Under the groom’s measures 80/40/20. Or, – to be 80 years old with a temperature of 40 degrees and 20 million assets.

Question: Why aren’t men affected by shopping therapy?

Answer: Because they are more economically responsible.



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