Probably no one paid attention to Edward L. Bernays – the author of the book “Propaganda”, which explains completely freely how the world is governed today. If you don’t know him, he is the reason the United States entered World War I. To do this, someone has to provoke the country, and since a sunken ship with several Americans on board is the only thing that psychologists can think of, very soon Bernays – nephew of Sigmond Freud, with the help of a friend journalist, began to inflate the situation to make Americans want war on their own. Isn’t that weird? It is enough to draw a dividing line and watch the two sides enter into a fierce battle. Whether it is war, ideology, sexuality, even religion, the important thing is to have an enemy.

Most likely the enemy at the moment is the approaching Pride, where they talk about each other again, about some crazy division, which most of the time we don’t even remember when and where it is. Of course, this topic is so controversial, that even those who do not want to have anything to do with either side are quick to get involved. Again, it is enough to draw the dividing line and find yourself in enemy fire. That is exactly why we will not comment and we will not look for the sensation – many other people have tried to do that there is simply nothing more to say. Let’s pay attention to the idea for every 3rd.

The situation is so delicate that the only and best that can be provided in this regard is the use of facts. We suspect that you were not unfamiliar with the idea of ​​the Istanbul Convention, for every third and fourth woman – a victim of sexual or violence in general, as well as many additional deviations in the vast study. For the normal and reasonable person, there is a very serious question: if four people are standing at the same table and no one has resorted to violence, what should that mean? Anyone lying? For many, it can be extremely frightening, especially since we have many more than four friends.

Somewhere historically, this line and this phenomenal statistic have been drawn, which today circulates and repeats itself as an axiom. Such a statement can be considered offensive and even frightening, especially for males. If this is true, then we must assume that human evolution is not just going backwards, but that we will soon be running with the bats and waiting for the beloved to come out of the darkness to condemn feelings through brain trauma.

In 2013, the definition changed to carnal contact with a woman who did not give her consent. Many are dissatisfied because the statistics exist only with the given information. Here we refer to the reported cases. Contradictions usually occur. A number of feminist movements claim that the victims refuse to seek protection and the statistics are manipulated, the study itself is wrong and many others. Where does the idea for every 3rd woman come from?

To this end, we must turn our attention to Professor Mary Kos, an active feminist and professor of psychology at the University of Kent. In 1982, he argued that rape was an extreme act that went hand in hand with normal male behavior in society. In other words, the man is not only capable of doing it, but will not even accept it as something so special. The woman was invited to do research on sexual assault at US universities, and after lengthy analysis, she concluded that 27.5% of women there had been victims. There is one detail, one of all the questions is the following:

“Did you have sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to because your husband offered you alcohol or drugs?”

Based on this answer, it is concluded that more than 1/4 of the participants were raped. Of course, after the results are released, most of the respondents do not agree with this statement, at the same time about 3/4 of the participants even state that they are currently living or meeting with their rapist. The magic spell has been launched into the universe and has officially become the slogan of a number of other studies, feminist organizations and more. Few even inquired about the origin of this claim, especially since, statistically speaking, rape automatically shifts leftists, alcoholism, and heart attacks. Thanks to Mary Kos, every time a lady goes out on a date and is treated to a drink and overcomes her sexual worries, she is officially on the list of victims, the same goes for the men who commit this act – for them it is the category of evil. Therefore, we have the line drawn and we start counting the purchased alcohol.

In Canada, we will find that the situation becomes even more complicated because, according to the Minister of Women’s Affairs – apparently there is such a ministry in Canada – the statement for every third or fourth (variations are accepted) is not based on analytical data and statistics, but on the perception of the woman for sexual violence, in which elements such as staring at a woman, whistling after a woman, possibly smiling at a woman, etc. are present, ie this includes any possible behavior that can be counted on assault on sex and sexual freedom by the victim.

At the same time, we find that the refusal of any communication, including greetings, can lead to the rejection by society of the perception of a man as rude, arrogant and many others. To support the idea of ​​this statement, in which few even think, we are ready to destroy the social world as such. It’s not that hard to achieve, think about what exactly the law is doing right now. Gender and racial equality is now not only lost, but constantly strengthened. There is substitution with eternal sacrifice and eternal oppressor, and the role of the court does not seek to judge correctly, but simply to continue to create conflict and to redraw the border over and over again.

Thus, not only do we discover some crazy ideas, but also a change in legislation. We immediately cite France as an example, where no employer wants to hire a person legally, for a number of reasons. Every employee has the right to come to work later, to sleep at work, to call that he is ill every Monday and has no right to be fired without going through a long and complicated legal dispute.

It is enough to add chronic depression, back pain, alcoholism and many other similar elements to recognize his disability and to be released with huge compensation.

So far so good, but do you have any idea what happens if an employee says they will sue their employer for sexual harassment? The number of lawyers who are happy to deal with the case completely free of charge is impressive. Such a statement, including a smile, a look or a conversation without a third party, will officially lead to the company’s bankruptcy. The freedom to count every human look or smile not only paints a rather insane picture, but also guarantees us antisocial relationships forever.






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