Brilliant movie “Havel” closes NYC Independent Film Festival

Brilliant movie “Havel” closes NYC Independent Film Festival



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This year’s edition of the NYC Independent Film Festival is particularly characterized by its strong narrative drama programming. Remarkably strong storytelling and good cinematography all along the festival. The last day of the festival also has a solid program in which numerous short and long drama films are shown. With special attention to the festival closing event, the Czech film Havel, about the life and work of the writer, politician and human rights activist of the same name.

“The film by Czech filmmaker Slavek Horak is a very captivating story with meaningful cinematography and convincing acting.”
— Lawrence Whitener, filmmaker/film judge


YOUR MUSICAL IS CANCELLED: THE MUSICAL! is an indie musical-comedy following Your Musical Is Cancelled: The Musical!a struggling theatre company set against the backdrop of Covid-19, the trappings of quarantine, and the BLM social movement. It’s more or less autobiographical, you could say, since the filmmakers experienced the same routines the pandemic put on everyone: puzzles, day-drinking, and bread-baking, everyone happy but bored in the quarantine bubble. They decided to make a musical out of it, which would later be titled Your Musical Is Cancelled: The Musical! The result? An original musical in the Zoom format filmed on cell phones and laptops, with orchestrations by Broadway and local Montana musicians and actors in quarantine. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented experiences.


The Tricky PartTHE TRICKY PART by New York filmmaker Raphael Sbarge is a boy’s story of sexual trespass and a man’s journey to forgiveness. It was developed at the Sundance Theatre Lab as one of the more heralded one-man plays in recent memory. In the tradition of Spalding Grey, and based on a memoir by Martin Moran, the

author tells the true story of sexuality, spirituality and the mystery of human experience. Between the ages of 12 and 15, Martin had a sexual relationship with an older man, a counselor he met at a Catholic boys camp. Now an established New York actor, he has transformed his story into a riveting, often funny and always surprising journey through the complexities of Catholicism, desire and human trespass. As we now wrestle with the issues surrounding #MeToo, the film steps into a conversation that has been considered taboo, male abuse. In the most human and poignant way, Martin invites us to open a door, and to look inside. The question is: is it cinema or theater?


The film HAVEL is a drama inspired by the life and work of Vaclav Havel, prominent Czech playwright/dissident/president. The film focuses on Havel’s transformation from a successful – then banned – playwright of theHavel late 1960s to a human rights fighter in the 1970s, leading to his presidency in the late 1980s. His transformation is key here, as this is not just a descriptive biopic, but a drama of a self-doubting intellectual torn between his passions and his self-imposed duties. From a carefree bohemian, Havel grows into a grown man who realizes that if he is given the chance to liberate the entire nation, he must accept this responsibility. Both for the greater good and to prove its worth – and above all to prove itself. The film by Czech filmmaker Slavek Horak is a very captivating story with meaningful cinematography and convincing acting. And rightly so, the closing feature film of the NYC Independent Film Festival, which can be proud of such programming.

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