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Many businesses could have avoided closing during the pandemic with a bilateral approach for operating safely.

We have to change the narrative, it is not about essential versus non-essential, it is about which businesses can operate safely.”
— Steve Anderson

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 3, 2021 / — On June 1st, 2021, the non-profit association SmALL Business Is Essential United (SBE United) held a press conference addressing their opportunity to make an impact on communities and society. Change has to be made before a return to a better normal can occur. This conference was led by Edward Henry, President of Edward Henry Company and Social Distance Management along with Steve Anderson, President of the non-profit SmALL Business Is Essential United.A Global Pandemic – The Start of Division

On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization announced a global pandemic. Since then, we have watched our lives drastically change in ways we could have never imagined. We looked to each other and our communities for support, showed resilience, expressed appreciation for frontline workers, collaborated with one another, and were willing to go to any length to save lives. Then we became divided. We became divided in many ways by our politics, beliefs, and indifference. Our division became evident after the first lockdown was announced in Ontario. Our way of life was changing and we had do something different.

SDM’s Inception

Edward Henry explains he has never witnessed a global pandemic before but it is likely to happen again. Although we don’t know when it will happen, we need to focus on managing what we know.

Developing a system for business continuity that adequately addresses our way of life required the attention and collaboration of, epidemiologists, health and safety professionals, and business professionals as well as community champions. SDM began due to the lack of a sustainable plan and systems that addressed pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and universal safe business practices.

Social Distance Compliance standards for the management of space and cleanliness were developed. Through extensive research, SDM launched the Social Distance Advisory system to address preparedness, threat levels and vigilance. Risk assessments, self-assessment tools, industry traffic control plans for safe space management, and reporting and training guidelines for successful adoption continue to evolve and expand.

From SDM to SmALL Business Is Essential United – Steve Anderson for President

This expansion involved the decision to register SBE United as a not-for-profit association. SDM announces that they will donate all their developments, systems, and applications to SmALL Business Is Essential United (SBE United) while introducing a new leadership position. Steve Anderson, the new President of SBE United, is a social entrepreneur and Olympic Gold Medal Coach. Steve is immensely involved in communities with extensive networks. With so much integrity for community and small business, he is an unstoppable force.

Edward admires Steve’s fair and honest character and leadership style. Edward is confident that Steve will be the driving force to help SBE United grow communities across North America. Steve will promote universal safe business practices so that all businesses can thrive in their communities once again. SBE United is about all the challenges that communities are facing every day. The pandemic doesn’t care what our challenges are, therefore finding solutions requires bilateral thinking and collaboration.

SDM Releases Everything to SBE United for Free

The needed support and communication is the main reason SBE United was formed. Edward explains the transition from SDM to SBE United. SDM releases all of its completed resources and systems to the public in approximately 90 to 120 days. Resources will be free to access through SBE United by visiting The resources will include the entire conformity models for compliance in the following industries: sport and recreation, travel, hospitality and tourism, retail, personal services, restaurants, on-site services (residential and commercial), entertainment, and limited models based on crowd control, venue, and our facility, as well as further development done on construction/manufacturing. The conformity models include tools for risk assessment, traffic controls, reporting, monitoring, and training.

Governments, businesses, and not-for-profit industries will be given free access, but with certification only available through SBE United. Third-party certification will be offered through health and safety partners. Products, such as face masks, floor decals, signage, PPE, cleaning stations, hand sanitizer, and others will be sold and branded by SBE United. The revenue earned from those products will go directly to helping support small businesses, and SBE United’s office will continue the community initiative they have started by contributing to the work and future developments. All of the contributors will be published on the SBE United website, along with a list of the tools, resources and applications that have been developed along with reviews and certifications.

While there has been an ongoing argument regarding locking down and opening up, Edward has witnessed business owners having to permanently close their doors. There has to be an established framework that brings everyone together. It does not have to be a separate “for business, or for health” argument. It is combination of both and we need to come together as a community and make that happen.

SBE United – Our Vision

During a crisis and an emergency, businesses can be managed without non-essential and essential classifications. The goal is to focus on operating safely. We want to change the narrative from “response and recovery” and expand to “prevention and protection”. This very important conversation will establish safe continuity systems and change behaviors that will allow us to be protected from any future threats. Our behavior and mindset must change so that we can prepare for what may come.

This pandemic is giving us an opportunity to grow together and prepare ourselves for what will come in the future. We have been in survival mode for too long, and as we strive for success, it feels like we haven’t gotten to where we should be. Steve makes it clear that we need to get past the striving and start thriving. Edward adds, “Having limited power is no reason we shouldn’t do the right thing.”


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