Latvian and Ukrainian presidents sign joint declaration on Ukraine’s EU integration

In the declaration, Latvia pledged support to Ukraine on its path to EU membership as soon as it meets the qualification requirements for starting accession talks with the bloc. The two countries also commit to work together to help Ukraine integrate with the EU and carry out the planned reforms, which will enable Ukraine to apply for EU membership.

In the online meeting with Zelensky, Levits affirmed Latvia’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and said that Latvia is ready to share its reform management experience with Ukraine.

Levits voiced hope that Ukraine will complete all the necessary reforms and become a fully-fledged EU member in this decade.

The Latvian president also expressed understanding of Ukraine’s aspirations to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as well to strengthen European security.

Zelensky thanked Levits for Latvia’s consistent support to Ukraine and for the commitment to help Ukraine’s EU accession.

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