Local book release: ‘Beneath the Seams’

Palo Alto resident Peyton H. Roberts, who is a sustainable fashion ambassador with the Bay Area nonprofit Remake, takes a look at the dark side of the fashion industry in her debut novel “Beneath the Seams” (Scrivenings Press), which comes out on May 11.

In her book, Texas-based fashion designer Shelby Lawrence is preparing to launch her mother-daughter dresses into retail stores nationwide when she becomes aware of her role in the unethical fashion industry.

Roberts, who grew up making sundresses and formal gowns on her mom’s sewing machine, said traveling and blogging across Asia opened her eyes to her clothes’ complicated journey from cotton fields to closet.

“Beneath the Seams” is available for presale on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and through local bookstores Kepler’s and Books, Inc.

More information is available at peyton-roberts.com.






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