Mother, daughter turn family scandal into empowerment with new books

The cover of “Diss Track,’” the 34 page book published by Marie Capers.

Contributed by Marie Capers


Contributed by Marie Capers



Contributed by Marie Capers

ROCKINGHAM — Marie Capers decided to transform an unfortunate family scandal into multiple books which can help individuals of all ages.

After her husband died in a car accident on Oct. 5, 2019, she and her daughter, Yasmine Wright-Capers, found out about an affair that their deceased husband and father had with a mistress. He died one day after his daughter’s birthday.

“You can’t let things of the world and people’s actions destroy you,” Capers said.

The secret affair was only known by his mother and sisters. His niece confided in Yasmine, which prompted Capers to go through his belongings.

Others around Capers told her to suppress her feelings. She wanted to put her side of the story to the public so other people can hear her sadness, but learn to press on and feel empowered. One of her co-workers told her about an aunt who went into a depression after a similar situation that required the children to be taken away.

“The worst thing you can do is be by yourself,” Capers. “You got to stay alert around friends and family, or someone keep your mind occupied, volunteer, whatever.”

She told her daughter, 14, to write down her feelings to help process her emotions. When she suggested to try writing a book, her daughter thought it was a great idea.

This resulted in two short books that Capers helped write with her daughter: “14 Years With Dad” and “A Dad’s Affair.” Capers wrote her own 34-page book, “Diss Track.”

“14 Years With Dad” encourages people to enjoy their parents and loved ones while they are still here. The book is dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a tragedy that has always reminded Yasmine of the others who grew up without parents, and to the memory of George Floyd.

“A Dad’s Affair” is about Yasmine’s struggle to grapple with her dad’s infidelity, while holding onto the love that she had for her father. She particularly liked playing ball and watching Marvel movies with her dad.

“I told her, ‘if you just write it down and see your feelings in front of you, I think you can cope with it,’” Capers said.

The writing process was therapeutic for Capers. She knows women who tried to commit suicide or changed who they were after going through similar situations. This was a way for her to put her side of the story out there.

Her daughter’s books aim to empower people to say that life happens, but you have to find forgiveness. They can be enjoyed by people of any age. “Diss Track” focuses on not allowing people to take away your power and learning from your challenges in life.

“I put it out to the world,” Capers said. “Nothing and no one controls me because I know who God is.”

One of Capers’s friends, who lost her husband three years ago, told her that she was able to benefit from reading her daughters book. Her friend said that she felt the pain of the situation and knew what it felt like.

“[My daughter] she said that when she wrote the books, ‘I thought this book was simply going to help me heal, but I think I can heal the world,’” Capers said.

The books appeared on Amazon in late December. Since then, over 1,000 copies have been sold, according to Capers.

“I’m just saying ‘stay calm,’” Capers said. “See God and don’t change who you are for nobody’s actions. I’m hoping it shows women to have strength throughout anything and you know, you may be embarrassed one moment but it will go away.”






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